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Low Vision

OPTIONS offers a variety of resources and services to help with vision loss. People who lose vision do not have to lose independence or give up favorite activities. Instead, a Low Vision Coordinator can help find new ways to accomplish what is needed and desired. In-home assistance or services at other convenient locations is offered.

Typical assistance provided includes:
  • Teaching adapted daily living techniques
  • Minor modifications of the home environment, such as tactile markings on appliance controls
  • Information about services and devices available from other agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private vendors
  • Assistance in obtaining low vision devices as needed
  • Factual information about blindness and low vision as a basis for realistic attitudes
For more information on OPTIONS' Low Vision Program, contact Marty (435) 753-5353 orĀ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Low Vision Supports

Low Vision Support Group. A low vision support group is held monthly for adults age 55 and older who have visual disabilities. Topics include education, resources, and new vision loss and blindness technology. Community access, independent living skills, discussion on concerns, and recreational opportunities are also part of the group.

Division of Services for the Blind and Visually

Impaired (DSBVI) Clinics. DSBVI conducts clinics to assist individuals with low vision needs. Participation requires a referral from an eye care professional. Call DSBVI at (800) 284-1823 for an appointment.