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Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology program at OPTIONS for Independence provides assistive technology-related services to increase the personal independence of people with disabilities at home and in the community. This program consists of nonpaid services such as peer support, community networking, coordinating resources, and paid services which are the purchase of assistive equipment, evaluations, training, etc., needed by consumers to be more independent. Unlike the Loan Bank program, the Assistive Technology program helps consumers access resources to purchase assistive equipment to be more independent.

OPTIONS’ staff works closely with each consumer to determine what assistive equipment best meets their needs and collect information and documentation necessary for equipment purchase. It is then submitted to the Utah Department of Workforce Services Rehabilitation (DWSR). The funding for equipment is typically generated through the DWSR. However, other funding may be available through sources like the Utah Assistive Technology Program.

Eligibility and income requirements must be met to utilize funding for equipment purchases.